My Commitment

Why select Mike Deuerling for your marketing needs?

“For me, marketing is easy and affordable. Teaching you and your employees how to make your marketing work is my goal”

Welcome to the website of the MarketingDoc. I once was called the MD of Marketing by a doctor, right after a successful direct marketing campaign, but that’s the closest I ever came to being a doctor.

My Promise and Commitment to You…

I believe in establishing trust

“People buy from people. Before that may happen, there has to be a level of trust. I write about trust a lot. Just stop at my blog and select a few posts to read. You’ll see what I mean. People who talk with me or read my content on a regular basis know I am trustworthy.”

Experience. Over 30 years of serving and teaching small businesses how to grow their companies using marketing that works.

I care about my client’s success

“I built my business by learning as much as I could about the client’s business. I always considered myself as a partner for success using my skills as a marketer to meet the goals I set for each client. My client’s success is extremely important to me.”

Attention. I am accessible 7 days a week for your needs. Customers are priority number one.

I know how marketing functions

“As a marketing person, I know the importance of trends and what is working today. I make marketing presentations. I read daily blogs and other sources of information on what’s up in marketing. I attend a lot of webinars. Just visit anyone of my websites in the side bar and read what I have to say. I am involved in social media sharing my knowledge to help other people.”

Industry knowledge. I have extensive industry knowledge. There is no need to train me on industry jargon. However, you will have to teach me how your company works with customers. And that’s to your advantage.

If you are a small business owner or the marketing manager of one, and if you think that –

I have nothing to offer, let’s talk. “I welcome the opportunity to answer any questions you have about marketing.”

“What makes me different is I take time to learn about you, your company, the industry, your employees and the marketing campaigns of the past. If you are lacking a client needs focus, we’ll develop one together and I’ll teach you and your employee’s how to use it.”

Virtual capability. Affordable. Education. I have a degree in Marketing and continue to attend presentations and webinars to maintain the edge of knowledge. I have taught at a junior college. I have written my own custom marketing class and accompanying marketing notebook to teach business people how to market better. Associations. American Marketing Association. A variety of Chamber of Commerce memberships and a Past President of the Oak Brook Chamber, located in a near western suburb of Chicago. Connections.

Ancillary experience. Prior to becoming a small business owner, I was a sales engineer for 9 years. I learned the importance and value of being a solution provider from my mentors and fellow engineers.

Everything marketing starts and ends with your customers… cater to them, listen to them and react to them. The results will amaze you.