A Smart Start for the Small Business

Marketing Communications Group’s (MCG) Smart Start for a Smart Small Business is a program that has evolved over the years from a personalized marketing analysis to a program that also teaches a small business that marketing is not difficult.

Most small businesses ignore the ABC’s of marketing and get caught up in the latest tactical tools. That’s like driving down an icy road in the country on bald tires.

What you do need before jumping on all the tactical needs and channels is a Customer-Centric Marketing Strategy.

Smart Start is a great start to get the traction you need from marketing to succeed in today’s market. It uses a team approach to get everyone in the company to focus on customer needs and service. It’s an analysis of what a company is doing right, wrong and what they need to add to make their marketing functions move to the highest level.

Smart Start and Customer-Centric Marketing is based on over 30 years of small business experience in advertising, sales and marketing.

Maybe your are not sure that your present marketing is effective.

Our mcg Marketing-eVal may be a better choice. If we decide that moving from there to a Smart Start is better for you and your company, a reduced price for the Smart Start is applied.